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Friday 16 August 2019

Bolt-Based Chevy Menlo Crossover Will Debut In China Soon

A few days ago, we reported that General Motors will skip making more plug-in hybrids like the Chevy Volt to concentrate on battery electric vehicles going forward. The company says it will debut 20 all-electric cars by 2023. So far, it has one — the Chevy Bolt.

Soon a second model based on the Bolt architecture will arrive, but only in China for the time being. Dubbed the Chevy Menlo, the new car is an attempt to tap into the SUV/crossover/sport-active genre that is the hottest segment of the new car market today.

At first glance, it looks like a clone of the Bolt but it is a little bit longer and a little bit higher with exaggerated wheel arches to give it the appearance of a rugged, go anywhere, do anything off-road capable vehicle.


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