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Monday 16 September 2019

Get 3,000 Km of free charging on your next Tesla

The referral program for free use of Tesla SuperChampers has been increased to 3,000 km. The promotion ends on October 1, 2019.

When you order a Tesla, wether it is either the Model S Sedan, or the Model X or the Model 3, you should remember the Sponsorship Program offered by the Electric Car Brand. Indeed, by using a code or a sponsorship link, it is possible to enjoy many different benefits. These vary from time to time, but usualy involve access to Tesla's Supercharger Network  for free over a period of time. As much say that you can ride your Tesla for free!

Here is the sponsorship code for the Electric Vehicle Show:

(Just click on this link to go to Tesla and place your order to take advantage of the free SuperCharger promotion)

Tesla's accountants are as on as its engineers

For anyone who wants to purchase in Canada a Tesla Model 3 and take advantage of the subsidies (Federal and Provincial), be aware that the Standard Range Plus model with a MSRP of $54,990 is eligible for provincial and federal grants. 

For vehicles with less than seven seats, the federal program limits the subsidy to vehicles with a basic version costing less than $45,000, but it states that «more expensive versions of these vehicles" are also eligible for the subsidy "provided their MSRP does not exceed $55,000. »

Thanks to this technicality, the Model 3 Standard Plus becomes eligible for the $5,000 federal grant. Knowing that in Quebec, you can also stack the $8,000 provincial subsidy, that's a nice $13,000 purchase rebate you are entitled to. On a car that costs $55,000 with the preparation fee, that's $63,236.25 GST and QST included, we are talking of $50,236.25 net.



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