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Friday 7 September 2018

This Japanese tilting electric cargo tricycle is as cute as it is functional

Electric bicycles used to be fairly multi-use vehicles, often designed for roles such as commuting, recreation, and even light cargo duty. But as e-bikes continue to grow in popularity, strong sales are encouraging designers to branch out with ever more specific-use designs that excel at certain tasks.

Now a Japanese company is showing off their innovative new electric cargo trike, which falls squarely into the utility category of electric bicycles.

The Stroke, designed by the Niigata, Japan-based company Daga, is a novel electric cargo tricycle design that answers the question, “What if you build a suitcase into the middle of a bicycle frame?”

The company recently showed off their new design at the Tokyo Wonder Festival, with multiple prototypes demonstrating over 18 months of development.

Unlike most electric cargo bicycles, which use either extensive rack systems like the CERO One bike that we reviewed, or Dutch-style cargo bikes that use open-bucket designs, the Stroke houses a large enclosed “trunk” in the middle of the bike, surrounded by the frame.


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