The Show

2019 edition

Great success for the first edition of Quebec Electric Vehicle Show

The presentation of the 2019 Quebec Electric Vehicle Show was a huge success.

Hosted by Master of Ceremonies, Claude Lussier, important delegates, including the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of Quebec, Mr. Jonathan Julien, the Minister of the Environment and the fight against climate change of Quebec, Mr. Benoit Charrette, a member of the Executive Committee of Quebec City and responsible for files, Motorized Equipment, Mr. Jérémie Ernould, Director, Transportation Electrification at Hydro-Québec, Ms. France Lampron, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Quebec Dealers Corporation, Mr. Robert Poëti and the Director of Communications at Equiterre, Mr. Ryan Worms came to speak. All major media were present on Friday, May 24, 2019.


Here are some links from the media coverage obtained at the last event.



"When we got out on Friday, we went to Hyundai and bought an IONIQ EV."

- Michel David, visitor of Sherbrooke

"Thank you for the event! It's great to see and talk with a lot of people who believe, like me, in the future of the means of electric transport!"

- Maxime Colella, visitor

"Thank you ... even though I stayed for a short time, it allowed me to take a look at various electrical products including electric bikes and scooters (I love my new) ... everyone should to attend at least once this show to know where we are in the evolution ... we have never had such a nice offer of products... See you next year..."

- Jérôme Carrier, visitor

"On Saturday, we had a great day doing road tests and receiving lots of relevant information. Go for it!"

- Marthe Lecours, visitor

"Congratulations to the promoters, congratulations to the exhibitors! It was very pleasant, informative, dynamic. The electric wave promises to be important and you are among those who make it rise."

- Isabelle Joncas, project manager, transport electrification, Équiterre

"For our part, at first glance we are very happy with the result. There was a lot of movement, a lot of visitors to our booth and a lot of questions answered! Congratulate your entire team for organizing the event. It's a real pleasure for us to have taken part"

- Patrick Boudreau, Protex

"Congratulations to the organizers of the Montreal Electric Vehicle Show: 25,745 visitors. More than 345 EV Duty Terminals have been sold, never seen before!"

- Jean-Marc Pittet, Elmec

Québec Electric Vehicle Show 2019 on video

Click on the video to view the images taken during the 2019 edition

Pictures of 2019 edition

You can see in the following photo-gallery of images taken in-action during the first edition, which took place the May 24, 25 & 26, 2019.