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Your charging station could earn you money this winter

You've done it! You've decided to buy a charging station. And what if it also made you money? The Hilo intelligent solution for electric vehicle charging is an ingenious tool that lets you optimize your electricity consumption and relieve the strain on the power grid, while accumulating cash rewards. Here's how it works.

Thanks to Hilo and its electric vehicle (EV) charging solution, you can make an important ecological gesture simply by charging your EV during off-peak hours. What's more, you'll be helping to lighten the load on the power grid.

Thanks to connected devices such as smart thermostats, wall outlets and compatible EV charging stations, Hydro-Québec's Hilo smart home service lets you better manage your electricity consumption. What's more, it rewards you monetarily when you succeed in its energy reduction challenges.

The growing number of electric vehicles (EVs) is increasing the number of users charging their cars simultaneously. This increases the demand on the already overstretched electrical grid, especially in winter.
You can link selected EVduty electric vehicle charging stations to your Hilo app, thanks to our partnership with Elmec. A smart way to recharge your vehicle that lets you earn rewards during Hilo challenges.

The Hilo solution lets you earn cash rewards for completing challenges during peak periods.

Simply add your compatible terminal to the Hilo app and you're ready to go.

Every winter, during periods of high demand, Hilo launches energy reduction challenges.

It's simple: the more you participate, the more cash rewards you earn - an average of $140 per customer per winter.
Who hasn't experienced one of these situations in their job?


- Gathering information quickly from colleagues;

- Going away for the day;

- Alternating telecommuting;

- Transferring business calls;

- Conference calls;

- Add phone numbers for new recruits...


All this can be done, almost at the same time!


IP telephony gives a company enormous flexibility and independence over its telephone system.


At UBIK, managing your business communications has never been easier.


Virtual receptionist, business-to-cell number transfer, phone system via a computer-based platform (softphone)... Everything is set up to meet your needs, with no obligation.


Is your corporate structure changing? The client-access telephone platform lets you add, delete or modify your users as you see fit, as well as other aspects of your IP system.


Still not convinced that this is the easiest telephony solution? Get in touch with us, and we'll be happy to help you get started!
Tuesday 7 September 2021

A brand new all-Quebec Mountain Bike will be presented at both SVEM and SVEQ

Designed and handcrafted by the creative team at Theron, a Quebec manufacturer of off-road electric vehicles, the REEVER was built around the strengths of their team: versatility and reliability.

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Tuesday 7 September 2021

Mercedes-AMG reveals its new 843-hp GT 63 S E Performance plug-in hybrid

Hailed as its most powerful production vehicle to date, Mercedes-AMG is making waves with the reveal of its new GT 63 S E Performance hybrid model.

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Wednesday 1 September 2021

Check out one of only two Ioniq 5s currently in the US.

Thanks to the canceled New York Auto Show, we had the opportunity to spend some time alone with a Hyundai Ioniq 5 last week. Hyundai already had the vehicle en route to New York for the show when it was canceled, so they reached out to a few local journalists and invited them to get a first look at the upcoming all-electric crossover. 

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Tuesday 31 August 2021

What’s it like to charge an EV on a 1,725-km road trip from Vancouver to Regina?

Tim Bray helped write the language of the internet, and today he’s a student of the EV charging experience. In this exclusive interview with Electric Autonomy Canada, Bray explains why “range per hour of charging” is an important metric and why public EV chargers might be too cheap

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Monday 30 August 2021

All-electric Mercedes G-Wagen to appear in Munich

The electrification of Mercedes-Benz seems to be continuing apace, with those in the know telling us that an EV variant of the mighty G-Wagen – likely to be called the “EQG” – will appear at next month’s International Motor Show in Munich.

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